Infinity Bubble: Space Shooter

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Ready for the new free bubble game? Proud to introduce “Infinity Bubble: Space Shooter”, the funniest casual shooter app in the store to play even offline! Warm up your fingers and start firing off your cannon. Shoot the endless number bubbles coming down towards you before they touch the ground.

Perfect game for killing time or playing-on the-go. Once you start you won’t be able to put it down!

This addictive game will put your strategy skills to the test!

While easy to play, mastering the game is not a simple task. Helps enhance your concentration and problem-solving skills. Quickens your reflexes. Exercises your brain.

Challenge your family and friends for the highest score in this arcade game.

Tap on the screen to drag the cannon and aim it to hit the target. Shoot and pop all the colored bubbles! Concentrate to form a strategy for each level according to the bubbles’ layout and number. Boosters will help you progress to complete the level.

Keep at it and you’ll blast your way to Infinity Bubble: Space Shooter legend!

During the game you will notice that among the numbered balls drop smaller numberless white balls all of the same size. Running over them, the cannon will increase the firepower from one to two or even three nozzles. At that point you can shoot with all your might against all the bubbles that come at you. As you progress through the levels, you will need more and more of a performing cannon!

In addition to these white balls, gold coins also drop to your support. Tap them with the cannon to increase your stack of coins. You will need these gold coins to increase the speed and frequency of your shots. Last but not least, you will find aids such as: the rocket, the bomb and the thunderbolt. With these three tools all the bubbles have their days numbered. To use the missile, choose your direction carefully and destroy all the bubbles with the highest numbers. To use the bomb, you have to be sure that the bubble full of numbers is really hard to detonate. Finally, the most powerful tool, thunderbolt: with this all the bubbles with greater numbers are destroyed in a matter of seconds!

How does the Infinity Bubble: Space Shooter game work?

1) Get the numbered bubbles in your cannon’s trajectory

2) Try to destroy the bubbles before they reach the bottom

3) Use the 3 power Ups when you are in trouble on Infinity Bubble: Space Shooter

Infinity Bubble: Space Shooter we took the classic loved retro arcade game and added new astounding features. Become part of our community of players. Shoot the balls, upgrade your cannon and save the world!

Tap tap – Music games for free

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Play the funniest and most addictive Tap Tap game for FREE, now available on the Play Store and perfect for your Android device. Music Tap and Rhythm, catch the fun, the colorful notes and reach the highest levels! Train your reflexes with this Tap Tap Music online or offline – anytime!

Tap Tap Music matching game offers different levels and challenges, amazing graphics and smashing levels – all for free! Break and taptap all the notes to move on to the next awesome level. Play and enjoy plenty of fun challenges and songs, clear the board and collect coins.

It’s the perfect pastime music game to play when you want to relax and clear your mind. This fantastic rhythm game is simple and easy to learn, perfect for families to enjoy! This is the ideal tap game for long car rides to play with family and friends! We took the classic music tap game and added some new, awesome features (songs) to this Tap Tap game that you’ll love to relax with.

Play the Music Adventure Mode – So Fun!
Enjoy the music game mode. Match every note to blast them away, win coins & awesome rewards.
Tap the screen to start, tap the purple arrows on the screen to rotate the colored dots and arrange them in order to match the same color falling notes to earn points! Be careful to avoid mismatching colored notes.